I was born in London but lived most of my life in Essex.  These days, since my retirement in 1996, I have moved to Scotland in the Southern Uplands area.

I am bascially a self taught artist although I have received tution from professional tutors and have attended many workshops and art courses over the years. I have recently completed a Pet Potrait Diploma Course with the London Art College.

I have been painting pet portraits for almost 20 years and have to say it is one of my favourite subjects.  In recent years much my art work is from commissions for pet portraits.  

I find oils or pastels are great mediums for portraiture and seem to suit my style.  Only the finest artist quality paints and pastels are used and portraits are painted using traditional methods.   If you decide to commission a portrait I will keep you posted by e-mail together with pictures of 'work in progress'.
Schwartz  1982-1992
Schwartz, our Great Dane entered our lives in 1982 - he was the second largest dog in a litter of 13 all born on April Fools Day of that year.  He was four months old when he arrived having been returned to the breeder because his first family could not cope with him and a new baby.

At that age he was already the size of a full grown Labrador and his eventual weight reached 10 and a half stone, he stood 38 inches at the shoulder - quite big even for a Great Dane.  But then, Schwartz was no ordinary dog - he thought he was human and just wanted to be wherever the family was, he went everywhere with us, car rides, caravanning, even boating.  His favourite past-time was to sit on your lap like a child, not very comfortable with all that weight!

He was a joy to have around but was a complete time waster when out for walks.   A quick 5 minute walk to the shop took about an hour because people wanted to pet and talk or take a photograph.

Schwartz gave us lots of happy times and lots of laughs and even more wonderful memories.

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